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How to create a best 3D image slideshow presentation with the gravitational effects.

3D image slideshow presentation with the gravitational effects.

You do not need any professional skill about Flash, HTML or CSS  ,that you can easy creating a slideshow presentation in 3D image pro with the help of Cu3ox.  This  program gives you the simple option,  but  have enough to create a slideshow presentation as a 3D image with the gravitational effects.
The main features of Cu3ox
  • Customize the distance, time, delay ... for each effect.
  • Use the font, size, your favorite color. - Added a hyperlink to the text.
  • Unlimited number of images.
  • You can use images directly from Flickr, PhotoBucket ...

Free Download Cu3ox size: 9.75 MB.
The program is compatible with Windowpresentation wits and Mac operating systems. This article will guide the implementation of a slide h images as a 3D version Cu3ox free for Windows
At first you need to download the correct version of the operating system is using and install it. The program interface is simple and intuitive, you just follow the wizard instructions on the main interface .

At first you add the photos to be displayed in the slideshow on the main interface of the program by drag and drop individual photos or entire folders containing images into. You can also click the plus icon and drop-down arrow next, the menu offers other ways to put pictures on.

The program also allows you to insert pictures from the photo hosting service online as Flickr, Picasa and PhotoBucket. After adding more pictures, you can sort it according to legend (caption), on (date), file name (file name), size file (file size), arranged by type of increase gradual (ascending) or desc (descending) ,simply by clicking on the icon 3 green arrow and select the Down arrow  to choose the titles that the program provides.
You can rename the images and add text to images as a slideshow by clicking on it. Headline box appears and Paragraph , enter the name you want to change the box and enter a description for Headline image Paragraph box. Click the icon left or right arrow to rotate the direction of the image at will. To rotate the selection effects for each photo, click on each picture and select an effect to it in Section Effect. Effect Segments section allows you to adjust the number of fragmented for each image.

Before publishing you should click the wrench icon to modify the properties for the transitions, colors, time display fonts and effects ... At here, there are 4 cards General (general), Images (photos), Description (description) and Publish (publish).

In the General tab, enter a title for title slide in the Slide Show. By default the auto playback is already selected, if you want to program at a time, then uncheck the box Auto Loop. In addition, the program also supports you to add music to the slideshow presentation for more vivid by choosing to sign three dots (...) and navigate to the audio file to add (only supports mp3 format).

Next step, to adjust the properties of the image, you move through the Images tab. You can choose the size of the image as shown in Section Image size, or select Custom size and enter the size you want. Default number of parts were cut with a photograph is 5 parts, you can go up or down by clicking on the arrows in Section Number of segments. The program supports you 5 random mode when rotated, but rotated in this option applies only to the first image and the end of the slideshow only. To select the rotation direction for individual images, you must follow the way shown above.

Similarly, if you want to improve the quality of the output image, select the Advanced ... Then in Section Image quality adjustment, and other customizations here, then click OK to save the settings.
You then need to edit the description, you can not display the title and description for the image by removing the check in box Show description. If you want to show you can adjust the font color, size, font in the corresponding down section 
Finally, the publisher (Publish) products. The program gives you 4 modes of publication:
Publish to folder: Click Browse and select the folder on your hard drive to store finished products like this. The program will automatically play the slideshow after export is completed.
Publish to FTP server: publishing to an FTP server that you click Edit to enter the information that programs require.
Insert to page: allows you to insert a slideshow presentation on any site.
Tip: after the publication of finished products, you can copy the source of the page index.html entire code in the BODY tag, then inserted anywhere in the BODY tag of another page to add this slideshow presentation.
After finishing options, click Publish to enjoy the finished product

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