Monday, August 22, 2011

How to create a best MP3 music file with a free Software composer and sound editor .

Best Free Software to composer and sound editor : Anvil Studio 2011 

If you are a work-related music, need to compose the music and print, or simple, you just want to try the pitch size on the computer, a dedicated software is the need to equip.
Among the composers present software, Anvil Studio is a tool that features support for non-professional users with using fairly simple. This software uses the following: support for the composer at the keyboard or mouse, supporting the two formats as wav and mid files, mix tracks, listen to the music composed, recorded and edited audio file ... and especially for free.

Anvil Studio software installed capacity is small, with only 1.95 MB, compatible with almost Windows operating system XP/Vista/7. You can download from the homepage:  latest version of the month 5 / 2011. Before installing the software, you must download and install support for Microsoft environments. Net Framework 2.0 in Microsoft's home page, or download here .

After installation, you double click Anvil Studio 2011 icon on your desktop to launch the program. The interface appears quite simply the menu, tools and management framework of the track. You click on the Edit button to open the track a fuller interface areas include: menubar, toolbar, music container mold, container mold the properties of music and notation, contains the key frame illustration frame of the piano and support located at the bottom. To return to the original, you click Back on the menu bar.

1. Create a new music
To create a new musical recordings, go to menu select Composer. In the properties of the mold containing music, choose Style musical box, music box keys and rhythms Key to Time music box, display size mold Zoom music box. For the pitch, key and hash marks, you drag them from the position of the bar to the frame to write music. Specifically, the program also supports direct writing lyrics to music part: you pull the Text button on a location on campus music and enter text Enter the text in the frame.

If you like making music with guitars, then you can change the guitar piano keyboard. You go to the View menu, choose Keyboard + Guitar properties. In the dialog that appears, click on the frets Guitar tab then select the type now in the Style section. Under String tunings, you specified the control key strings, click OK.
Once you have completed the necessary settings, you press the Rec button in the toolbar to conduct track record. To listen to music recorded, you press the Play button next to the Rec button and use the Stop button if you want to stop at a certain location. If you need to move the notes on music frame, you select contains a sound track, and then click to select Cut or Copy. Then put the mouse to the location to place the negative sign, right-click and select Paste.

Also, you can create the music track by going to the Track menu and choose Create and select a category from the list that appears.
2. Record and edit sound
To exploit this feature, you need to create a new track as Audio Track (in the Track menu select Create). In the File menu, select Import Audio from track to Active, click Import Entire file, then browse to the file on your computer sound wav format.
Note, in the free version, the program only supports audio files of length less than a minute. When finished, click the Edit button to open the track chart of the audio waveform. In the chart, you can select and remove the sound is not needed, or use the Filter feature to filter the sound in the frequency list Kind of. LTER.
When you have finished editing the audio file, choose File menu select Export Active Track as audio file and then click the Browse button in the Output pane file, name the file, click OK .

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