Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to create a USB Flash replacement for hard drive to surf the web.

This is the best tip to make your portable Flash USB.
Create a replacement Flash USB hard drive to surf the web, watch movies, text editor ...

No wonder that the computer's hard drive is broken will disrupt their daily work on the internet, do not worry when using a computer is not familiar with the program because now you can create a USB instead of hard drives with operating systems to run independently and using the program to surffing the web watching movies, listening to music ,text editor or even rescue the computer ...

Installing Windows XP, Windows 7 to USB lash for use as a portable operating system ,full instructions i will posted in this article. This post will guide you to add many useful functions, this versatile, but with a Flash USB and a wireless internet connection, you can watching full media, edit all formats word documents, excel, pdf ... without the need to access the computer's hard drive as usualy.
The steps are as follows:

A. Download the file "w7pe_LF.ISO", capacity 813MB file (zip file) from Mediafire website with those following links:
After downloading all links above of the computer program used HJSplit to join these files into one file. Rar only, continue to use WinRar to unzip the file and obtain finally a file name  w7pe_LF.ISO

.Download the next file WinSetupromUSB_0-2-3.rar from Mediafire with the link below:
  1. Extract this files,and installing it  applications in Windows 7 and then attach the USB Flash to the computer's USB port.
  2. Select the second line with 6 side, put to use, press the button with three dots (...) and find out where to save files.
  3. Press the GO button at the bottom, wait for programs to integrate ISO USB and the option to create a boot on the USB at this ISO file.
  4. Start the computer again, is to stand your USB port .Press  F2 key, and select the Boot Options are instead CD Rom or USB hard drive in your computer (depending on your computer.) Press F10 to save this configuration and exit the program.
  5. Restart the computer one more time again, this time selecting to boot by USB, select the Start w7pe_LF.ISO from partiton 0, then press Enter.
C. The steps to take after live boot into Win 7 F:

After choosing to boot the  w7pe_LF.ISO, after a few minutes you will reach the desktops of the Windows 7 live desktop .
  1. In the first screen , all of icons will arranged in three columns side at the right .If you want a beter wallpaper than the windows 7 ,you will be able to click on the icon PStart located  on the system tray and select a different image in the Wallpappers_Win7 directory  (or select the Users folder / default / My pictures.) double click on the image to select for open it in Irfanview 4.28 and select Set to wallpaper in the Options.
Note :You can launch all other  individual applications as you like.
Please return in the next few days,i will updated and posted the continued tutorial to use USB Flash replacing harddisk with Win 7 Live.
HJSPLIT portable.Download.
HJSPLIT windows website :

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