Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to make your old computer for using "on the clouds".

A best tip for turnning your old PC into a device "on the clouds"

The cloud services (cloud) is developing very quickly, and most current devices can easily connect and exploit cloud services conveniently.

However, for those old computers launched about 10 years ago, this tip becomes a challenge. Jolicloud is a free solution but effective way to help older computers become a tool to exploit the services "on a cloud."

1. Install OS Joli  Jolicloud 
At first you will download and install OS Joli on your computer. There are two options for you. One is, just download Joli OS version running independently by visiting the Joli Download address , and select Download in the frame just for Joli OS. Upon completion, you will get a ISO file, Joli-OS-1.2.iso.
After the burn, you will install the Joli OS on your old computer.

Secondly, you download Joli OS version running Windows by accessing the address above and click to Download the Windows Keep frame. File obtained will Joli-OS-Installer-1.2.exe.

Once installed the jolicloud software on your Windows ( wait for about 10 minutes ), you can choose Windows or OS Joli at the computer startup. Once booted, you configure the Internet connection with Joli OS, create an account or log in to your Facebook account to press active and connected to Jolicloud.
After this step, you can use your old machine to connect to the service cloud.
2. Jolicloud 
Besides Joli OS enables users to connect the old computer to the cloud services, their company also offers a Jolicloud operating system service online. In order to help users easily and quickly access their online application, Jolicloud organize your desktop with shortcut links to frequently used applications such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Office Live. .. To use this operating system, users can register a new account or use your Facebook account immediately. Now, after logged in, you can start finding all applications quickly.

The easy way of organizing and using exactly the same Joli OS operating system online. To customize the interface for the desktop, you will click on the icon in the lower right corner of the screen and select the appropriate wallpaper. Jolicloud provides the user with a list of diverse backgrounds and impressive.

If you want to remove an application from any desktop, you can drag the icon corresponding to this application, and press the X button in the upper left corner. Conversely, if you want an application from the repository of Jolicloud the desktop, you may click the + icon in the upper left corner. Next step, listing the application will be listed by categories such as All Apps, Office, Communication ... .At here, you will select a category in the left pane Selection. In the right pane, respectively, click the Add button (Add) corresponds to the application you may needed. After this step, the corresponding icon will appear on your desktop.

Also, you can add a link to an application does not exist in Jolicloud using the Add a new app (Add a new application). In the dialog box Create a new web app (Creating a new web application) will appear after when you enter your name and address point to new applications

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